Scott Brown’s Ad Strategy: Huff And Puff

The Massachusetts Senate race is experiencing a (no doubt temporary) spasm of positivity, with both candidates – Elizabeth Warren (D-The Rez) and Scott Brown (R-The Rest) – currently running non-negative ads.

Brown’s campaign is by far the more interesting, with two TV spots featuring the Missus (Gail Huff, ex of WCVB-TV):


(Companion ad “Husband” here.)

Now comes a radio spot featuring more Huff and puffery:


Via Politico’s Morning Score:

MASSACHUSETTS SENATE EXCLUSIVE – GAIL HUFF RECORDS RADIO AD: Scott Brown’s wife stars in a statewide radio ad his campaign will release today. It will run in conjunction with two new television ads that also feature Gail Huff. “He’s taught our two daughters they can be anything they want in life,” the TV journalist says. “Scott respects the choices we make. He also knows that women, like everyone else, are being squeezed by this bad economy.” Huff works for ABC7/WJLA-TV, which is owned by POLITICO parent Allbritton Communications Company.


From our Equal Time desk:

Check out Warren’s non-negative ad here.

Now can we get back to politics as usual?

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8 Responses to Scott Brown’s Ad Strategy: Huff And Puff

  1. “Now can we get back to politics as usual?”
    Is there a story here regarding the People’s Pledge? It’s much easier to have surrogates and outside groups go negative than to have to do it yourself, but the Pledge makes that harder to do. The best way to go negative in this race is to have unpaid media do the job. Howie Carr, Michael Graham, even Dan Rea are carrying that water for Brown. I don’t think there’s anyone in the liberal media of this liberal media town to do the task for Warren.

  2. Will Brown be running this video as an ad? It’s very positive – especially for the toothpaste.

  3. Michael Pahre says:

    “…and he [Scott Brown] was the one who was always there [at home] during the day…”

    Didn’t he have a full-time job during their childhood? As an employee of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts?

    Ammunition for turning state legislators into part-time employees. And dropping their compensation proportionally.

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