Bring The Bain! (Priorities USA Action Edition)

Cory Booker, Deval Patrick, and Harold Ford Jr. be damned – Democratic Super PAC Priorities USA Action has launched another advertising assault on Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital track record.

Via BuzzFeed:

Obama Super PAC Steps Up Bain Capital Attack

Undeterred by Democratic pushback, Priorities USA Action launches new TV ad slamming Romney on his private equity background. “This was a booming place, and Mitt Romney and Bain Capital turned it into a junkyard — just make money and leave it.”

The spot:


Also from BuzzFeed: “According to Priorities spokesperson, this is part of the $7 million campaign announced a few weeks ago. The ad will air in CO, FL, OH, PA, and VA.”

That’s lunch money compared to what GOP Super PACs are spending, according to this Associated Press item (via the Boston Globe):

GOP groups top opponents by far in TV ad spending

Independent Republican groups are heavily outspending their cross-party counterparts on television advertising in the campaigns for the White House and control of the Senate, eating into President Obama’s financial advantage over Mitt Romney and prompting expressions of alarm from top congressional Democrats.

The disparity is most evident in the race for the White House, where Crossroads GPS, Restore Our Future, and other organizations aligned with the Republicans spent nearly $37 million on television ads through the first few days of June, most of them attacking Obama. That compares with about $11 million by groups supporting the president, with much of it from Priorities USA Action.

Isn’t that just like a Democrat? Brings a knife to a gun fight.

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