It’s Good To Live In A Two-Daily Town (Selling The Boston Globe Edition)

From Sunday’s Boston Globe:

Globe dispute key in ouster of Times CEO, article says

Conflict over the future of The Boston Globe between top executives and family members who run and control The New York Times Co. was a key factor in last year’s ouster of the company’s chief executive, according to a story in this week’s New York magazine.

Janet L. Robinson, who served for seven years as chief executive of The Times Co., which owns the Globe, left in December with little explanation and a $24 million severance package.

The article describes the decision by Arthur L. Sulzberger Jr., Times chairman, to dismiss Robinson as the culmination of a clash over how The New York Times Co. should deal with its major assets outside the Times, with the Globe and the website, the largest among them.

(More juicy details in the New York piece, some of which appear in the Globe report.)

From Monday’s Boston Herald:

Report: Times Co. group that wants to sell Globe has won

New York Times Co. CEO Janet Robinson’s desire to keep the Boston Globe as part of the company was one of the key factors in her abrupt ouster last December, according to a New York magazine article published yesterday.

Robinson, a one-time elementary schoolteacher who left the struggling Times Co. with a controversial, out-sized $24 million severance package, went from close confidante of Publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr. to outcast after crossing Michael Golden, a Sulzberger cousin, says the New York magazine article, citing unnamed insider sources.

Disappointingly, not much more dirt in the Herald report.

It’s rare that the Globe criticizes itself better than the Herald does, but there you have it.

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