Hey, Elizabeth Warren: Daily Beast Says Cherokee Flap Not Your Fault

Michael Tomasky writes in the Daily Beast that the whole Elizabeth Warren Cherokee Nation rumpus is the news media’s fault (sorry no links or visuals – we’re iPadlicked):

So now Elizabeth Warren has to prove that she’s 1/32nd Cherokee? The temperature on the story is rising. There was a huge article in the Boston Globe on Friday written to raise a number of questions and suggest that Warren used the minority designation to get her job, or get ahead—exactly at the same time that a poll was released (PDF) showing that 69 percent of Bay State voters don’t consider her heritage to be a “significant” story. It reminds me of nothing so much as Monica Lewinsky, and of the media’s need sometimes to get a grip.

Hope springs eternal, yeah, Liz?

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3 Responses to Hey, Elizabeth Warren: Daily Beast Says Cherokee Flap Not Your Fault

  1. Seamus had a head start, but this story is catching up!

  2. Curmudgeon says:

    So are the reporters from the Herald and she’s slamming doors in their faces just like John Kerry did when he didn’t want to talk about taxes.

    What amazes me is the neither she or her handler’s understand that a simple admission goes a long way towards killing off the story…

    …But then again, she’s gotten herself awfully far out on the limb to just crawl back without anyone noticing.

    She has only herself to blame.

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