NYT Says Elizabeth Warrents No Special Attention

Today’s New York Times says Elizabeth Warren’s Indian-giver-heritage story is no big deal.

Voters Shrug at Revelations of Ethnic Claim in Senate Race

SOUTH HADLEY, Mass. — The controversy surrounding Elizabeth Warren’s ethnic heritage and whether she misrepresented herself as a minority in the past may have engulfed her Senate campaign and the news media, but in parts of western Massachusetts, voters seem either mystified by it or unconcerned.

Desiree Smelcer, 35, a librarian here, said over lunch at the Egg and I that she had heard the buzz. But Ms. Smelcer, a Democrat who is one-eighth Apache, is more focused on the price of gas.

“I think she could be a little more aggressive about fighting back,” she said of Ms. Warren, who had been shaking hands with diners here. “But I’m more concerned about my own bottom line.”

A new poll out Wednesday in the closely watched Senate race indicated that Ms. Warren’s ancestry — the subject of intense media scrutiny and mockery for nearly a month — has so far not made much difference to voters. The poll, conducted by Suffolk University/7 News in Boston, showed the contest nearly even between Ms. Warren and SenatorScott P. Brown, the Republican who in 2010 snatched the seat long held by Edward M. Kennedy Jr.

Take that, Boston Herald.

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6 Responses to NYT Says Elizabeth Warrents No Special Attention

  1. The polls seem to agree. The story hasn’t moved the needle, even after constant needling. Howie Carr seems to be able to spend 20 hrs a week on it still. I don’t know if that’s a tribute to his laziness or his ingenuity.

  2. Curmudgeon says:

    It’s not the opinion poll that counts Steve. It’s the poll in November when one is marking his ballot.

    I think you said it before, this is more an issue for the independent voter.

    Let me take that one step further. It will be an issue for the undecided voter.

    • I didn’t say it, someone else did, but I agreed with it at the time.
      Now, looking at the poll internals, I’m not so sure:
      Q21. Do you think Warren’s Native American heritage listing is a significant story?
      BASE: Aware of Warren controversy
      Independents: NO 66% YES 29%

      So maybe it ISN’T such an issue for the independent voter.

      • Campaign Outsider says:

        Just because they’re not aware of it now, doesn’t mean they WON’T be aware of it on Election Day, Stephen.

      • Oh, they’re definitely aware of it:
        Q18. Are you aware of the recent controversy concerning Elizabeth Warren and her Native American heritage?
        Overall – YES 72% NO 27%; Independents – YES 69% NO 30%

  3. I aware now that Scott Brown is an empty suit; does that count?

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