Boston Globe Splits Up Hardworking Staff!

Last week the hardworking staff was told it had won the coveted Boston Globe Cartoon Caption Contest.

And sure enough, here’s what appeared on the Globe’s website:

The winner:
According to this week’s winner, John Carroll of Brookline, the T’s less frequented train has an unexpected last stop. See more of this week’s finalists and submit your own caption for next week’s contest.
Winner‘So THIS is where the Silver Line goes.’ 
John Carroll, Brookline

But, much to the hardworking staff’s dismay, here’s what appeared in the Sunday Boston Globe print edition:


Among the hardworking staff’s several achievements in its long and spotty career, this caption-contest capture stood out as a personal and professional triumph.

But no longer.

We’ve placed a call to the Gobe for some kind of explanation.

We’ll keep you posted.

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3 Responses to Boston Globe Splits Up Hardworking Staff!

  1. theunrulyoflaw says:

    Maybe you were the “Globe West” caption winner. Your caption is funnier–Hallmark beckons! If the Globies don’t provide satisfaction and you need a media lawyer…

  2. theunrulyoflaw says:

    Maybe you just won the “Globe West” caption contest. Yours is funnier and a career @ Hallmark awaits. If the Globe does not respond and you need a media lawyer….

  3. arafatkazi says:

    Who cares if you’re not as much of a Globetrotter as previously thought, sir. Print is dead!

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