It’s Good To LIve In A Two-Daily Town (Slow-Roasting Warren Edition)

The Boston Herald just will not take U.S. Senate wannabe Elizabeth Warren (D-I Ate At An Indian Restaurant Once) off the front burner (to Mixmaster my cooking metaphors).

Today’s front page (via the Newseum):

Recipe for disaster (or at least abdominal distress):

‘Pow Wow’ factor: Elizabeth Warren touted native roots in ’84 cookbook

Elizabeth Warren was touting her claim of Cherokee heritage as early as 1984, according to a cookbook titled “Pow Wow Chow” edited by her cousin that includes Warren’s recipes for a savory crab omelet and spicy barbecued beans.

The cookbook, edited by Warren’s cousin Candy Rowsey, is a compilation of “special recipes passed down through the Five Tribes families,” according to the introduction in a copy obtained by the Herald.

Warren, who has been under fire for claiming Indian lineage despite a lack of documentation, is identified as “Elizabeth Warren, Cherokee” under each of five recipes she contributes in the cookbook, published in 1984 by the Five Civilized Tribes Museum located in Muskogee. Warren is not listed as an official member of the Cherokee tribe and she has been unable thus far to document her claim of any Native American heritage.

The Herald is beating the Boston Globe like egg whites on this story, as Howie Carr gleefully noted yesterday, and Larry Sabato more significantly remarked to Politico today.

Time for Warren to cook up some free-range damage control.

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7 Responses to It’s Good To LIve In A Two-Daily Town (Slow-Roasting Warren Edition)

  1. But if she knows an authentic Cherokee recipe for savory crab omelet, doesn’t that support her claim? You don’t just pick up cultural info like that anywhere.

  2. Curmudgeon says:

    So, if Deval Patrick knows an authentic recipe for Wiener schnitzel, he can claim to be Austrian.

    I think what we are seeing her is the same political naivete that she displayed when she was in Washington and unwilling or unable to read the political tea leaves.

  3. Bob Gardner says:

    Is Herald trying to have it both ways? It’s attacking Elizabeth Warren for claiming Cherokee ancestry while also selling newspapers to people who may have claimed to be descended from Native Americans.
    You have to admit I’ve found a fine basic premise.

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