WSJ’s Jason Gay Joshes Beckett

Boston Red Sox pitcher non grata Josh Beckett landed on the Wall Street Journal’s radar screen in Jason Gay’s latest column:

What Pro Athletes Should Never Say

Boston is turning on another star athlete, this time Red Sox pitcher Josh Beckett, who played an integral part in a World Series title. I know, what a shock. Boston is a volatile place to play, and eventually turns on everybody. Had they been around today, Paul Revere and his horse would have wound up getting traded to the Marlins.

But Beckett made a clumsy boo-boo the other night when he got defensive about his off-day habits following a poor start in a loss to Cleveland at Fenway Park. The veteran pitcher was booed badly, and later gave a huffy answer when asked why he’d played golf the day after it was announced he’d miss a start because of a sore lat muscle.

“We get 18 off days a year,” Beckett said. “I think we deserve a little time for ourselves.”

The hardworking staff agrees with Gay: that was a baaad answer. Gay then provides “the guide to the things pro athletes should never say or do.”

Representative samples:

1. Don’t complain about your salary. Never ever. Even if it’s something pathetic, like $11 million a year.

2. Absolutely don’t break down how easy it is to spend $11 million. It’s crazy, but you would be SHOCKED by how few regular people hire $400-per-hour archery instructors for their nannies . . .

4.  Never storm into the locker room and bad-mouth your own helicopter pilot . . .

6. Never ask the clubhouse attendant for fresh pepper. That’s what your agent is for.


And etc.

Read them all – it’s fun.

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2 Responses to WSJ’s Jason Gay Joshes Beckett

  1. Laurence Glavin says:

    You said “Read them all – it’s fun”. I did and it was ok, but MOST of the commenters were not amused and said so. One thing: I had never encountered the phrase “ramp season” before, so I Googled(tm) and found out what it means. I must use it in conversation before spring ends. (And in light of global warming, does ramp season come earlier and earlier?)

  2. Loathe as I am to defend Boston’s RH Cletus Spuckler: I have a shoulder injury that also kept me from pitching (n.b. not at the MLB level) and I could still play golf. You don’t raise your arm over your head when you swing a golf club.

    That said: he’s a donkey.

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