It’s Good To LIve In A Two-Daily Town (iPad Murder Edition)

The locals hit the daily double today with their coverage of the grisly murder of a Burlington mother.

Headline honors go to the Boston Herald:

 The feisty tabloid doubles down in its main news story:

Experts foresee Web of horror

The shocking news that a Burlington mother’s stabbing death was watched by a stunned teen over a live iPad video chat opens new possibilities and difficult questions about Web evidence in a heavily plugged-in world, lawyers say.

“Welcome to the worst aspect of the 21st century: cyber horror and its progeny. This is just one more step in a horrible direction,” said defense attorney Jeffrey Denner.

Prosecutors dropped the bombshell yesterday at Christopher Piantedosi’s arraignment in Woburn District Court, saying a young friend of his 15-year-old daughter watched in horror — in real time over an iPad — as Piantedosi slashed longtime girlfriend Kristen Pulisciano to death Thursday, while waiting for the teen to return to her bedroom to continue their online chat.

For its part, the Boston Globe story has more depth, including details such as these:

By midafternoon on Friday, as investigators gathered what they called a“significant’’ amount of evidence from the house, including both weapons allegedly used, Piantedosi drove into the parking lot of the State Police Weston barracks, remaining in his car for a while before troopers recognized him.

Police searched the car. Visible on the dashboard were two handwritten notes, one reading “unarmed, just have to sleep,’’ and the other contained an apparent account, in the defendant’s own words, of how the attack unfolded, they said . . .

Last year, Piantedosi reportedly stole a New Hampshire woman’s wallet, GPS device, and $90 in cash, but later returned the items with a lengthy letter of apology to the victim.

His letter was signed, “Stupid,’’ according to the Manchester Union Leader.

But as usual, the Herald has more color (commentary), via Jessica Heslam:

Family’s plea: Save daughter from more trauma, admit guilt

The Burlington teen who witnessed her mother’s ruthless slaying “desperately” misses her mom, and her loved ones hope the accused killer — her own father — will cop to the crime so she never has to testify.

“I hope he pleads guilty because I would hate to see (her daughter) have to end up on the witness stand. That would be horrible,” family relative Lovell Pulisciano told the Herald yesterday. “That would be more traumatic for her. She’s going through enough. She doesn’t need that, too.”

Most towns are lucky if they have one decent daily. We have two. You should read – make that, buy – both.

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3 Responses to It’s Good To LIve In A Two-Daily Town (iPad Murder Edition)

  1. Crime-related apps might be an overlooked business opportunity. iFraud, iSnitch, iRob, iSpy.




    Too soon?

  2. Michael Pahre says:

    I don’t see how the Herald could try to spin this as part of a 21st century trend. More like a freak incident.

    That said, nobody seems to have drawn the connection with the soldier wife who watched her husband in Afghanistan collapse — and thought there was a bullet hole behind him…

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