Let Lord Stanley’s Wild Rumpus Begin! (Triple Overtime Edition)

Say, that was some game between the New York Rangers and the Washington Capitals last night, yeah?

(Oh wait – you’re a Bruins fan. You don’t give a damn about the Stanley Cup playoffs anymore.)

Regardless, the hardworking staff is a lifelong Rangers fan, although – full disclosure – we really hated the 1994 team that finally ended the Rangers’ 50-year Stanley Cup curse.

But we kinda like the 2012 edition that won last night’s Game 3 triple-overtime masterpiece vs. the Capitals.

The game was distinguished by tight play, excellent goaltending, and a marked lack of chippiness.

In the multiple overtimes, the Rangers squandered two power plays; the Capitals hit the post at least twice.

And throughout, viewers were blessed with the call of the inestimable Doc Emrick, who said at the start of the third OT, “We’re just a few blocks from the White House. If the President is working late, he can still get here – it’s easy.”

Nothing else was, though.

And then it happened:

NY Rangers’ Marian Gaborik scores in third overtime of Game 3 to give Blueshirts 2-1 win over Washington Capitals

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Rangers grinded through their postseason house of horrors Wednesday night and emerged bleeding, limping and victorious from the Verizon Center, as Henrik Lundqvist and a team defense weathered the storm until Marian Gaborik lifted New York to a 2-1 triple-overtime win in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference semis and a 2-1 series lead.

After the game, NBC Sports analyst Pierre McGuire asked the Rangers’ Brad Richards, “How do you guard against overconfidence” in Game 4?

Hey, Pierre – it just took the Rangers three overtimes to beat those suckers. You think that breeds overconfidence?

See you at Game 4.

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2 Responses to Let Lord Stanley’s Wild Rumpus Begin! (Triple Overtime Edition)

  1. And to think McGuire was almost GM of the Habs.

    The biggest obstacle the Rangers face is John Tortorella’s having burned them out in the last weeks of the regular season when he should have been resting them. Ditto his overplaying Lundqvist.

    • Campaign Outsider says:

      Not to mention going with only four defensemen last night. They’re not just burned out – they’re extra-crispy.

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