To Beeb Or Not To Beeb

The hardworking staff will appear live on the BBC’s Newshour Tuesday from 8-10 am EST (wakeup call: 6 am, which we usually see from the other side).

So . . . no soup for you tonight.

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5 Responses to To Beeb Or Not To Beeb

  1. “So . . . no soup for you tonight.”

    Too late. But congrats. Will it be online for later listening?

  2. Bob Gardner says:

    The podcast is the 1300 GMT on 4/24, Mick. One segment starts about 9:45 in but the pronouncements really start to pick up amplitude in the second half of the show, at about 34.00.

  3. Wow, the Super PAC woman was hard to listen to; her voice alone was enough to remind me why I stopped working on campaigns. Classic snotty GOP interrupting know-nothing. From the debate team to the campaign to Exxon. Knew dozens of them. Yuck.

    Ok, I admit it: I was one of them. Which makes it all the more painful to listen to. Ugh. Like looking at your awful high school yearbook photo.

    Kudos to the hard-working staff for tolerating and schooling her.

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