Scott Brown’s Drinking Game

Massachusetts junior Sen. Scott Brown (R-Am I Senior Senator Yet?) seems to be having it both ways regarding his current drinking habits.

From Saturday’s Boston Globe:

Brown says he will not drink until Nov. election

US Senator Scott Brown says he has given up drinking throughout his long reelection campaign. Brown said Friday during an interview on WTKK-FM that he will not be drinking alcohol until the night of the election in November. During the interview, Brown called the decision “one of those New Year’s things’’ that he did “on a stupid bet.’’ Brown’s campaign office declined to offer additional details about Brown’s decision to give up drinking during the campaign to retain his Senate seat.


But then there’s this from Thursday’s Boston Herald piece by Hillary Chabot shadowing Brown on the campaign trail:

The road yesterday took Brown to the Blue Hills Brewery in Canton, where the buttoned-down Wrentham Republican invited this Herald reporter to loosen up and sip brews from small sample cups.

“You can pound those pretty good,” Brown said as he tasted one of the lighter brews. His favorite was a hoppy beer called Red I.P.A.

“Sit down. Try this one. I’ve seen you in the bars before, don’t act like you’ve never been to a bar,” he said, sliding over a stool. “We’re gonna have her dancing in the back of the truck.”

Hey, Scott – who’s dancing now?

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