Hey – Does This Violate The People’s Pledge? (V)

The liberal Super PAC American Bridge has released a web video – to coincide with Fenway’s 100th Birthday Bash – that whacks Sen. Scott Brown (R-Fenway Franking Privilege) for purportedly pushing to ship the Sox to Foxborough back in 2001.

Via Politico’s Morning Score:

MASSACHUSETTS SENATE – AMERICAN BRIDGE HITS BROWN ON FENWAY: On the 100th anniversary of Fenway Park, the Democratic-linked Super PAC will push this 45-second web video noting Sen. Scott Brown’s support while in the state legislature for sending the Boston Red Sox to Foxborough, where the New England Patriots play. This is relevant because Brown recently said in a radio ad that replacing Fenway would have been “a mistake.” The tagline: “Good thing Scott Brown struck out.” Maybe he will get asked about it when he is on Morning Joe live from Fenway with Democrat Elizabeth Warren…

The spot:

Red Mass Group, though, has a decidedly different take on this issue:

The clipping . . .  comes from the January 9, 2001 Wilmington Morning Star.  The story was written in the middle of the Red Sox desire to build a new stadium.  Brown when asked, commented that Foxborough made sense, rather than duplicate public outlay.  That’s what the story says.

The story does not say, Scott Brown said tear down Fenway Park and bring it to Foxborough.  The Story merely states that Scott Brown said that Foxborough, a town which borders his own, would have been a good place for the stadium if the Red Sox in fact decided to tear it down.

You call balls and strikes on this story.

As for the video vis à vis the People’s Pledge, here’s our call from a previous at-bat.

P.S. The harddailing staff called American Bridge and asked how much they’ve spent on the web video. They said they’ve spent nothing.

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5 Responses to Hey – Does This Violate The People’s Pledge? (V)

  1. I wonder about these videos, put out by both parties and other individuals or groups minded to do so. If a video hits a web site and no one notices, does it make a sound?

    My guess is the makers of such videos never plan on spending any money to push them into the public eye. They hope to spread them through social media viral means, Facebook hosting and re-tweeting. (Does this make them social diseases? Never mind!) Then, no money is expended, so even if there’s a people’s pledge violation, no penalty attaches. I haven’t seen one yet that is compelling enough to “go viral” except among true believers.

    • Campaign Outsider says:

      Money aside, it all adds up though, doesn’t it, Stephen?

      • Adds up to what? More support? If the only people who see these videos are true believers, is there any net gain in support or enthusiasm for the candidate?

      • Campaign Outsider says:

        But it’s not just true believers who see (or hear about or read about) them.

      • In the absence of paid placement, if they’re picked up by free media or go viral in some way, yes, I guess more than true believers will see them. But even so, the “viewership” of those media are fairly separated into their respective tribes as well.

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