Boston Herald Bites Mitt!

Stop the presses!

Our feisty local tabloid, reliably in the tank for Mitt Romney, has actually published something critical about the GOP’s presumptive presidential nominee.

From Hillary Chabot’s column in today’s Boston Herald:

GOP critics call Mitt Romney invite ‘presumptuous’

A cocksure Mitt Romney was already eyeing the keys to the White House yesterday — offering top donors access to his inaugural bash seven months before the election and starting the vetting process for his VP pick — even as GOP observers warned his apparent over-confidence could spark a voter backlash.

“That’s just damned presumptuous,” said Chip Felkel, a Republican consultant based in South Carolina, where Romney saw his air of inevitability deflate after a stunning loss earlier this year. “If there’s one thing Gov. Romney’s campaign has never been able to do, it’s keep themselves in check when it comes to how they present themselves. There are just some things you don’t say.”

A Romney supporter in Georgia sent an email, obtained by, explaining that the campaign is offering special access on inauguration day for those who donate $50,000 or more to the former Bay State governor’s new fund-raising arm, Romney Victory.

See the BuzzFeed item here.

(BTW, BuzzFeed is fast becoming a major political media player. Bookmark it now.)

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9 Responses to Boston Herald Bites Mitt!

  1. Lou says:

    C’mon John……I thought you were an analyst….but it appears you are just another shill.

  2. Laurence Glavin says:

    I’ve been going to for a month or two. It actually may have been on CNN’s “Reliable Sorcerors” that I heard about it because a writer for Politico was going there to change its focus a little bit. It carries a lot of Andrew Kaczinski’s stuff. Remember the Russian guy who had been an opponent of Putin? He was stabbed with the point of an umbrella that contained a radioactive poison. One of these days, Andrew may have posted too many anti-Romney posts…he’d better be beware of anyone approaching him with an umbrella on a sunny day.

  3. There’ve been a few much-Heralded Romney “gaffes” that haven’t bothered me a bit, and this is one of them. If he can get people to pony up $50 grand for the chance of going to a party they know may not happen, so what?

    Chip Felkel – not once but twice – ran around the country claiming that George W. Bush was qualified to be President of the United States; that claim was the all-time world record in presumptuousness.

  4. Curmudgeon says:

    I wonder which of Boston papers Mitt used to line Sheamus’ carrier?

  5. Lou says:

    **Our feisty local tabloid, reliably in the tank for Mitt Romney**

    They share conservative perspectives….but “in the tank” is a bit accusatory.

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