Why Is Andrew Breitbart In The NYT Sunday Styles Section?

Sunday’s New York Times Styles Section featured this piece about the late, lamented (in some circles) conservative bomb-thrower Andrew Breitbart:

The Provocateur

ON the last night of February, Arthur Sando was having a drink at the Brentwood Restaurant and Lounge in Los Angeles when a bearded silver-haired man took a seat next to him, ordered a glass of pinot noir and began typing into his BlackBerry.

Mr. Sando quickly realized he was sitting next to Andrew Breitbart, the conservative blogger and author, and the two began to chat. As with almost any encounter with Mr. Breitbart, the next 90 minutes between the former strangers was punctuated by laughs, some outrageous political assertions and repeated interruptions as Mr. Breitbart checked his smartphone.

“We talked politics, television, college and living in Los Angeles,” Mr. Sando said, adding that Mr. Breitbart had a single glass of wine during the conversation and seemed to be in both good spirits and good health. “He said that conversations like ours were why he liked to go to bars and talk with people who had different political beliefs.”

Minutes later Breitbart was dead, “[collapsing] in front of a Starbucks like a ‘sack of potatoes,’ one witness said.”

Interesting stuff, but the hardwondering staff asks, why in the Styles Section?

The Times itself seems to have had second thoughts about the placement, since the story’s link appears in the Media & Advertising section of its website:

Something tells us Breitbart would love that.

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2 Responses to Why Is Andrew Breitbart In The NYT Sunday Styles Section?

  1. Laurence Glavin says:

    Thomas Frank’s monthly commentary in Harper’s Magazine is all about Breitbart.

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