Mitt Feeling: Romney Havahart Edition

Act One:

Presumptive presidential nominee Mitt Romney (R-Are They Gone Yet?) has gone all-in on the GOP Pennsylvania primary (via the Wall Street Journal):

After previously debating how much of an effort to make in Mr. Santorum’s home state, the Romney campaign purchased $2.9 million worth of advertising time in Pennsylvania, a person close to the campaign said. Mr. Santorum’s campaign had just $1.2 million at the end of March, according to Mr. Santorum’s senior campaign strategist, John Brabender. The Santorum campaign plans to air TV ads in Pennsylvania, but it will be a much smaller advertising investment than Mr. Romney’s, Mr. Brabender said.

Politico’s Morning Score said “Romney is going for the knockout blow against Rick Santorum, hoping to humiliate his fading opponent in his home state and thus avoid potential embarrassments that would come from prolonging the primary fight into May.”

(Humiliate Santorum? At this point, the hardworking staff is guessing Romney would just like to beat him.)

Act Two:

From Mediaite:

Romney Campaign Pulls Anti-Santorum Ad In Pennsylvania While Daughter Bella Is Hospitalized

According to the Pittsburgh Tribune-ReviewMitt Romney‘s campaign has pulled a TV ad targetingRick Santorum from Pennsylvania stations until further notice in the wake of Santorum’s daughter, Bella, being hospitalized.

The ad spot — which put the campaign back $2.9 million — was to start airing Monday morning, in Philadelphia, Erie, Scranton and Altoona. It specifically narrowed in on Santorum’s 2006 loss in the state and his record as Senator.

So maybe Romney does have a heart. Then again, Havahart is actually a trap.

UPDATE: NPR’s Ari Shapiro says the $2.9 mil is not about beating Santorum, but positioning Romney for the general in Pennsylvania, which is a big swing state.

Here’s an idea – maybe it’s both.

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4 Responses to Mitt Feeling: Romney Havahart Edition

  1. Al says:

    OTOH, and more likely, Romney’s media guru, Eric the terrible, might have finally realized that attacking a man while he is at the hospital staying with a deathly ill child, is not the thing to enhance his already poor likeability numbers.

  2. Now that Sanctorum has dropped out, maybe Mitt will put him on the ticket. They can run as “The King and the Witchdoctor.”

    Leading people since “hundreds of years before the dawn of history…”

  3. Michael Pahre says:

    Humiliate Santorum? How could anyone with a web presence like his name be humiliated any further? His daughters can’t even Google their own surname.

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