Two Different Worlds (Chevy Volt Edition)

(First in a series of posts detailing the separate universes the liberal media and the conservative media inhabit.)

From Joe Nocera’s latest New York Times column about the “conservative propaganda machine” mocking the Chevy Volt hybrid (“containing both a 400-pound battery and a 9.3 gallon gas tank”) as an Obama-fueled money pit:

What is the connection between President Obama and the Volt? There is none. The car was the brainchild of Bob Lutz, a legendary auto executive who is about as liberal as the Koch brothers. The tax credit — which is part of the reason conservatives hate the car — became law during the Bush administration.

From the Weekly Standard’s recent Car Wars piece, which chronicles General Motors’ attempt to distance itself from the Obama administration and the attendant “Government Motors” designation the auto bailout occasioned:

The Volt is “the single most politicized automobile since the Corvair,” says car industry analyst Edward Niedermeyer of the website The Truth About Cars . . . 

Conservatives have latched onto the heavily subsidized Volt as a symbol of Obama’s meddling in the economy and misguided zeal for killing off gasoline-powered cars. Bill O’Reilly and Lou Dobbs of Fox News and Rush Limbaugh have led a chorus of Volt critics. An article in Forbes was headlined “How the Chevy Volt Is Like Obamacare.” Another in Townhall said the Volt is “the perfect car for the Occupy Wall Street crowd.”

Two different worlds.

P.S. The actual car:


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1 Response to Two Different Worlds (Chevy Volt Edition)

  1. They’re doing so well in their war against the Prius they can open up another front.

    Problem is, they’re so distracted they’re missing the real target in Communism’s effort to overthrow Capitalism: lightbulbs.

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