It’s Good To Live In A Two-Daily Town (Tim Cahill Indictment Edition)

When we last left Tim Cahill, he was the delusional Massachusetts Treasurer who seemed to think he could run for governor as an independent and actually win.

Now he’s just indicted.

From Tuesday’s Boston Globe:

Timothy Cahill indicted in corruption case

A Suffolk County grand jury indicted former state treasurer Timothy P. Cahill and two top aides Monday on charges that they conspired with his political staff to use more than $1.6 million in state lottery funds to boost his floundering 2010 gubernatorial bid.

Cahill, who becomes the first statewide officeholder in the post-World War II era to be indicted on corruption charges relating to his official duties, was charged with directing the state lottery and its advertising agency, Hill, Holliday, Connors & Cosmopulos, to launch the ad blitz, which was designed to promote the image of a well-managed agency.

A Globe editorial, not surprisingly, applauded the indictment:

Martha Coakley was right to prosecute Tim Cahill

BY INDICTING former state treasurer Tim Cahill on corruption charges Monday, a Suffolk County grand jury took an aggressive, and welcome, posture toward the possible use of public money to bolster an elected official’s political position. The treasurer’s office has enormous discretionary power over a number of complex, high-dollar areas of state policy, from the pension system to the state Lottery to various obscure contracts. In seeking the indictment against Cahill, Attorney General Martha Coakley is rightly asserting that some uses of that discretion represent clear violations of the public trust.

But trundle over to Globe crosstown rival Boston Herald, and you get a very different take.

Howie Carr’s column:

Coakley makes sure straw man set afire

You’re Tim Cahill, you throw away your political career, spend $3 million of your own campaign dollars and become a laughing-stock, running as a straw, all toget Deval Patrick re-elected, with 49 percent of the vote.

And this is the thanks you get – an indictment, a horse-bleep indictment.

Joe Battenfeld’s column:

Everyone’s Guilty, If This Is Crime

So, will President Obama be next? How about Mitt Romney, Gov. Deval Patrick or the entire Massachusetts congressional delegation?

All of them have engaged in the practice of what Attorney General Martha Coakley is calling criminal behavior – using their public office to give themselves a political “edge.”

Interestingly, in full Sybil mode, the Herald’s editorial page disagrees:

Tim for what . . . ?

The days of the “everybody does it” excuse are over.

Former Treasurer Tim Cahill has been indicted on charges of using public funds to advance his own political career  and Attorney General Martha Coakley is to be commended for not accepting a business-as-usual approach to public corruption.

Questions? Comments? Bitter recriminations?

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