The People’s Pledge Strikes Again! (Big Oil Edition)

From Politico’s Morning Score:

MASSACHUSETTS SENATE – BROWN TO WRITE 2ND CHECK UNDER AD DEAL: “Sen. Scott Brown has agreed to write a second check to charity after the American Petroleum Institute ran an ad urging Brown to oppose legislation,” the Associated Press reports. “The oil and gas industry’s main lobbying group ran radio and print ads asking voters to call Brown and urge him to oppose legislation which they said would raise taxes on energy producers. Brown’s campaign said he’s committed to honoring an agreement he signed with Warren designed to keep third party ads out of the Senate campaign. Under the agreement, the candidate who benefits from the ad must write a check for half the cost of the ad campaign to a charity named by the other candidate. Warren’s campaign said the ad reflects Brown’s past support for tax breaks for big oil companies.”

Got that?

Regardless, got Brown.

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2 Responses to The People’s Pledge Strikes Again! (Big Oil Edition)

  1. So…they get the benefit of the ads, then they get press for making charitable donations — which draw attention back to the ads. Do I have this right?

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