Hey – Does This Violate The People’s Pledge? (II)

The Massachusetts Democratic Party has launched an effort to tie Sen. Scott Brown to Big Oil and the federal subsidies the industry enjoys.

From their press release:

March 28, 2012

Contact: Kevin Franck

Massachusetts Democrats Launch Grassroots Effort to Educate Voters About Scott Brown’s Support for Big Oil

Grassroots vols set to flyer gas stations in Boston and Worcester today

Scott Brown supports Big Oil and Big Oil supports Scott Brown

BOSTON–With the U.S. Senate set to vote tomorrow on ending billions of dollars worth of taxpayer giveaways to Big Oil, the Massachusetts Democratic Party is reaching out to educate voters about Scott Brown’s record of supporting Big Oil.

Groups of grassroots volunteers will kick of the grassroots effort by handing out flyers at gas stations in Boston and Worcester TODAY, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 28 at 4:30 PM

The flyers note Scott Brown voted against a similar measure that would have ended the sweetheart deal for some of the world’s most profitable companies last year.

“In this election year, Scott Brown may try to have an Etch A Sketch moment and vote the other way, but voters in Massachusetts will know that Scott Brown supports Big Oil and Big Oil supports Scott Brown,” said Massachusetts Democratic Party Executive Director Clare Kelly. “Massachusetts families deserve a senator who stands up for them, not one who does the bidding of Big Oil.”

The oil and gas industry has filled Scott Brown’s campaign coffers with over $198,000 and earlier this week, Big Oil’s lobbying arm launched an ad campaign in Massachusetts to support Scott Brown.

Question: How much did those flyers cost? And does this violate the People’s Pledge between Brown and his likely challenger in the fall, Elizabeth Warren, whereby the candidate who profits from third-party ads pays a penalty to the charity of the other’s choice?

Let the pickin’ and payin’ commence.

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6 Responses to Hey – Does This Violate The People’s Pledge? (II)

  1. Here’s the text of the pledge (warning – pdf): http://www.scottbrown.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/signed-agreement.pdf

    As I read it, it only deals with ads that are aired or online. Flyers are not covered, as far as I can tell. Loophole?

  2. Marilyn says:

    These were sent by email to Massachusetts Democrasts and others here in Mass who have already pledged their support to Warren. I got one myself. I’m sure Scott Brown is sending Email that trash Elizabeth Warren to his supporters………..

    • I don’t think eMail qualifies as an “online ad” – it’s narrow-cast, not broadcast.

      And note – if Scott Brown sends eMail, or buys an online ad, or broadcasts an ad trashing Warren, it’s not covered by the Pledge, which deals with “outside groups”.

      The political parties, however, DO count as “outside third party organizations” in the Pledge, so if the Mass Democratic party makes an ad buy (broadcast, cable, satellite or online), it counts against the pledge. (I get Mass Dem eMail as well, but haven’t seen this in an eMail.)

      BTW – print advertising does NOT seem to be covered by the Pledge. Another loophole?

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