The Weekly Standard Pimps Out Its Cover

Imagine the hardworking staff’s surprise when the March 26 edition of The Weekly Standard arrived at the Global Worldwide Headquarters and we saw this:

(Apologies for the amateur cellphoto.)

That’s the first of a four-page ad wrapper for the National Federation of Independent Business, which wants to KILL THE OBAMBACARE BEAST (thus the cover graphic).

That’s all well and good for NFIB, but what about the Weekly Standard’s standards?

Here’s the real cover of the March 26 edition:


Kind of an eerie resemblance, yeah?

Complicating matters was the first headline in that WS edition, which said:

Greed and Excess at the New York Times

Publication, heal thyself.

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5 Responses to The Weekly Standard Pimps Out Its Cover

  1. If a political party is the de facto voice of business, how can it be wrong for that party to behave like a business? In every way?

    Btw, the hard-working staffer in charge of graphic media may want to check out this discussion of portrait vs. landscape orientation:

  2. Taylor Wray says:

    The Repubs sure know how to make a HEALTH-CARE law look scary. I mean, it’s a law about making people healthier – how terrible could it possibly be? Terrible enough to be monstrified (like personified, but with monsters) into a mutant bug-demon on the cover, I suppose, if its passage means business owners might have to pay a bit more for their employees’ well-being or – oh noes! – fill out some extra paperwork. I can just imagine the fatcats talking amongst themselves: “Congress passed a law that might require slightly more resources from employers in exchange for everyone in the country being healthier? Our bottom lines must be in danger! Quick, turn on the NFIB light so NFIB Man will fly in and save our sweet, sweet profits!”

    If the Republicans really wanted to repeal Obamacare, they should have tried not running a bunch of clowns in the election this year.

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