Did The WSJ Scoop Boston Media On A Major MFA Acquisition?

From the Weekend Wall Street Journal:

A New Bostonian, Size XL, Age 1,900

A Roman goddess is making Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts her new home on Tuesday. But it won’t be easy.

A flatbed truck will pull up with the 13-foot-tall, almost two-millennia-old statue of Juno resting on her back in a steel cage—and without her head. (The museum decided decapitation would allow a more-secure move, since the head was precariously attached.)

A crane will raise Juno 80 feet in the air and lower her into the museum through a skylight. Once the sculpture lands, movers will push it through a doorway expanded by 18 inches to accommodate Juno’s girth and then use a chain hoist to lift her upright. The colossus will be the centerpiece of a new classical gallery.

According to the Journal piece, “[the] 13,000-pound marble statue was shipped from Rome to a wealthy Boston couple in the late 19th century and until recently lived on the manicured gardens of a historic property in Brookline, a western Boston suburb.”

That was news to the hardworking staff, which wondered how it had missed the story in the local press.

So we checked.

First, the Googletron:

That would be the MFA’s own promotion of the conservation effort.

So how about local news organizations?

NECN: Nothing.

WGBH’s Greater Boston: Nothing.

WBUR: Nothing.

The Boston Globe: Next to nothing.

The Globe’s fleeting mention of the acquisition:

[A] recently acquired Roman work, the so-called “Brandegee Juno,’’ billed as the largest classical statue in the United States, will be installed in a second-floor gallery in March. It will eventually be the centerpiece of a planned “Gods, Goddesses, and Heroes’’ gallery in the George D. and Margo Behrakis Wing for Art of the Ancient World.

But apparently the centerpiece of no Boston news stories.

Granted, the hardsearching staff might have missed something.

But it’s more likely the Boston news media has.

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