Google: Ron Paul Is Super PACman

GOP Super PACs have spent over $30 million on this year’s presidential primary, most of it on television advertising. But the big spenders on TV aren’t necessarily the biggest players on YouTube.

From Google Politics & Elections (via techPresident):

Are all super PACs ads created equal? Not according to +YouTube views. We looked at viewer counts for content posted by super PACs supporting the GOP presidential candidates, using the +The New York Times ranking list as a guide (

Updated Note: The New York Times guide doesn’t explicitly call out PACs like Endorse Liberty (supporting Ron Paul,, 14 million video views) or the Susan B. Anthony List (supporting Rick Santorum,, 577,000 video views), and they were not used to generate the graphic below.

We found Revolution PAC, which supports +Ron Paul, has earned more YouTube views on its content than the Super PACs for all other GOP candidates combined.

Helpful chart:

Representative sample of Revolution PAC’s advertising:


Cautionary note: A whole bunch of this Ron Paul stuff is web-only video, so take the Google chart with a block of salt. Still, something is happening and you don’t know what it is . . .

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