Let The $4 Billion Rumpus Begin! (Obamarama Edition)

Because we’re all about you splendid readers, the hardworking staff signed up for a preview of Barack Obama’s hagiographic video The Road We’ve Traveled, scheduled to be released this week.

And so far we’ve gotten these emails:



Note the Warren Connection – a clear indication that reclaiming Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat (sorry, the People’s seat) is high on the Democrats’ priorities list.

In other Obamabilia:

• Obama Still Running Against Palin?

Via Mediaite:

Campaigning like it’s 2008? Amid the buzz about HBO’s Game ChangePresident Obama‘s re-election campaign has released an ad that features none other than Sarah Palin herself. In fact, the entire ad (entitled “Sarah Palin and the Far Right”) is centered around a clip of Palin’s remarks about racial discrimination and how the president has been influenced by radical philosophies.

The ad:

This is all nonsense – on both sides – but that’s politics, folks.

• Gingrich Gasses Obama 

Via Politico’s Morning Score:

LOS ANGELES TIMES – GINGRICH’S PROVOCATIVE AD HITS OBAMA ON GAS PRICES:“Gingrich, whose attacks on President Obama have sparked accusations that he was exploiting bias against African Americans, has begun airing an ad in Alabama that some might perceive as playing into ethnic stereotypes, particularly in a region where the Christian president is seen by some as a Muslim,” The Los Angeles Times’ Michael Finnegan reports. “Gas prices, a narrator in the ad says, ‘didn’t go down when Obama bowed to Saudi oil princes.’ The ad shows Obama bowing to Saudi King Abdullah, dressed in Arab headdress and robe…The ad goes on to show an image of a white man with his hands up, as if being mugged at gunpoint, with an unseen assailant poking a gas pump in his back. ‘The Gingrich $2.50 plan stops the great gas holdup and puts money back in your pocket,’ the narrator says of the candidate’s pledge to cut gas prices to $2.50 a gallon.” 

The ad:

This is nonsense, but that’s politics and etc.

Obama’s a Muslim, y’all

Also from Morning Score:

CABLE CATNIP – ONLY 14% OF LIKELY ALABAMA VOTERS THINK OBAMA IS CHRISTIAN: The Democratic polling firm asked 600 likely Republican primary voters, “Do you think Barack Obama is a Christian or a Muslim, or are you not sure?” The results: Christian, 14; Muslim, 45; Not sure, 41. Other remarkable numbers: 21% think interracial marriage should be illegal. 60% do not believe in evolution. 53% have a favorable opinion of Rush Limbaugh. See page 3 of the top-lines: http://bit.ly/xNX6KW.

This is nonsense and etc.

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