Arts Seen In The Big Town (Whitney Biennial Edition)

Good day in the Big Town for me and the Missus. Some of what we saw:

* “Impact: 50 Years of the Council of Fashion Designers of America” at FIT (through April 17).

If a camel is a horse designed by committee, this is a camels hair-shirt of an exhibit – not the best of everyone, but the least-common-denominator of everyone. Even so, it’s worth seeing.

* “Impact, Movement, and Simplification: Paintings by Charles Green Shaw, 1960-1970” at the Spanierman Gallery.

The leader of the Park Avenue Cubists was at the peak of his powers during the ’60s, and this show is a worthy showcase.

* “Benny Andrews, Bob Thompson, and Alice Neel” at Michael Rosenfeld Gallery.

A revelation – Benny Andrews displays a unique vision, Bob Thompson channels the Blue Riders, and Alice Neel creates portraits that nail their subjects.

* “Whitney Biennial 2012” at the Whitney Museum of American Art (through June 10).

A collection of umpteen contemporary works of art, exactly none of which I understood.

* “John Chamberlain: Choices” at the Guggenheim (through May 13).

At first Chamberlain felt like a one-trick pony, but by the end of the exhibit it was clear he was an ultra-trick pony. And the Guggenheim is an excellent venue to experience that, since you can walk around the mostly iron(ic) sculptures, see them from below, and see them from above.

Over all, an above-average show – the kind the Guggenheim is uniquely suited to present.

(Sorry no links – we’re iPadlicked.).

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  1. I’ve never heard of any of these bands.

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