MassGOP Video HiJacks WBZ’s Williams

The Massachusetts Republican Party has released a web video targeting presumptive Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren:

As Elizabeth Warren prepares to jet off to Hollywood tomorrow for a fundraiser with the rich and famous, the Massachusetts Republican Party today released a new web video called “The Elitist” that calls into question her supposed commitment to class struggle.

The video highlights Warren’s elitist hypocrisy as she touts herself as the “intellectual founder” of the radical Occupy protests while seeking big campaign contributions from her rich and famous 1 percenter friends in Hollywood.

Said video, which is a cross between Oscarthrob “The Artist” and an old-fashioned newsreel:


The video features not only Warren, but WBZ newscaster Jack Williams as well (:11-:18) along with his colleague Diana Perez (:19-:25).

In an email, Williams told the hardworking staff :

I doubt anything can be done about it . . . It doesn’t make me very happy . . . but I did say it.

We also contacted WBZ news director John Verrilli and asked him what he thought, and whether it made a difference that the MassGOP video was web-only, versus a paid TV spot.

At post time, Verrilli had yet to respond. But we’ll keep you posted.

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1 Response to MassGOP Video HiJacks WBZ’s Williams

  1. Laurence Glavin says:

    It’s Lawrence O’Donnell who has more reason to complain about the usage of his voice in this spot. He’s heard within the spot, and at the end.

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