It’s Good To Live In A Two-Radio-Ad Town (Brown/Warren Edition)

From our Everything That Rises Must Converge desk:

The Massachusetts U.S. Senate race is heating up, starting with this radio bakeoff between incumbent Scott Brown (R-Regular Guy) and presumptive challenger Elizabeth Warren (D-Regular Gal).

It’s all about the current contraception rumpus in D.C. according to the Boston Globe’s Political Intelligence blog:

US Senator Scott Brown and Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren both hit the radio waves [Thursday] with new advertisements highlighting their positions in the debate over whether religious-affiliated organizations sponsoring health plans should have to provide contraception coverage.

Brown’s spot “highlights his support for [an] amendment which would allow all employers to deny medical coverage based on moral objections. He calls it a religious freedom issue, ‘one of our most precious rights.'”


Compare ‘n’ contrast that with Warren’s spot, which “refers to a recent Congressional hearing about birth control that had no women testifying as an example that ‘Washington really doesn’t get it.'”


Net effect:

Who the hell knows?

In other words, politics as usual.

(Tip o’ the pixel to NECN’s Broadside.)

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