WSJ’s Jason Gay Rushes To Gisele’s Defense

While New York Giant doofus Brandon Jacobs apologized for telling Gisele Bundchen to “stay cute and shut up” after her post-Super Bowl outburst defending hubby Tom Brady and dissing his Patriots teammates, lot of other folks have labeled the Brazilian supermodel the Super Bowl Yoko Ono.

Not Wall Street Journal columnist Jason Gay.

He’s got nothing but love for Gisele.


For this column, I will defend Gisele Bündchen.

I know: how brave! Tomorrow I will stick up for four-day weekends, vintage Scorsese movies and sun. I will endorse melted cheese over tomato sauce over flattened dough. I will champion Mustang convertibles and cold beer at the end of a 12-hour day.

But Gisele is under a blustery siege, and somebody’s got to stand by the world’s most famous supermodel.

Read the rest of the piece. It’s lots of fun.

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