Obamas Go Fundraising, After A Fashion

The latest style among the Grand Old Pruneface set is bashing Barack Obama’s air-kissy connection to the New York fashion industry.

Start with this item in yesterday’s Politico Morning Score:

OUT THIS MORNING – RNC WEB VIDEO HITS OBAMA FOR FASHION SHOW FUNDRAISER: The Republican National Committee launches a new web video “The Obama 2012 Fashion Show” ahead of the reelect’s ritzy NYC fashion show fundraiser tonight. “With 12 million Americans struggling to find work in this weak economy, the optics of this high-end event featuring well-heeled celebrities flies in the face of President Obama’s rhetoric,” the RNC explains. A six-page research document makes fun of the campaign merchandise that the Obama campaign is selling:http://bit.ly/A6WVfb. A Wall Street Journal story raises campaign finance questions about tonight’s fundraiser: http://on.wsj.com/ylIw4k. Watch the 51-second web video:http://bit.ly/zFyYwr.

That video:


Tuesday’s Wall Street Journal piece questioned the fiscal fitness of all that Obama schwag:

Republicans contend the sale might violate campaign-finance rules. The gear will sell for a fraction of the price the designers’ merchandise typically fetches at department stores. Republicans say that suggests they relied on corporate resources to keep costs low, which could amount to illegal campaign contributions. On Mr. Lam’s website, handbags range in price from $340 to $1,890. The three scarves offered on Mr. Thakoon’s website go for $325 apiece.

“This raises serious questions about whether corporate money, property and employees were improperly used in the design and production of these items without reimbursement,” said Sean Spicer, a spokesman for the Republican National Committee.

Coincidentally (and perhaps unfortunately), there’s a new book out titled Michelle Style: Celebrating the First Lady of Fashion.



You be the judge.

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1 Response to Obamas Go Fundraising, After A Fashion

  1. Amy says:

    This only proves that Obama is a two-faced person who doesn’t really care for the poor. On the one hand he wants to impose taxes on high-earners but on the other hand he does support the most prestigious fashion designers whose products can hardly be affordable for the majority of those who vote for him. Isn’t it a hypocritical step? I have to admit that I like fashion very much and I am particularly interested in the creation of my native designers Dean and Dan Caten from Toronto but I would be very disappointed if they intervened in the political affairs of one of the countries they work in just as some US designers and celebrities did in this particular case.

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