For Romney, NBC = New Broadcaster Complaints

Yesterday, it was NBC complaining that the Romney campaign had ripped off footage from the network’s newscast. Now, add ABC, CBS, and CNN to the list of rippees, according to TV Newser:

Several networks have asked the Mitt Romney campaign to stop airing an ad in Florida called “Mr. Washington Insider” which targets Newt Gingrich. The ad includes various news clips both current, and from Gingrich’s days as House Speaker. NBC News has asked that the ad be pulled from Florida TV stations as it includes a clip from “NBC Nightly News” when it was anchored by Tom Brokaw . . .

In a longer version of the ad . . . CNN’s Anderson Cooper, CBS’s Jan Crawford, and even Carole Simpson, who hasn’t been with ABC News since 2003, are included. CNN executives have asked the Romney campaign to remove the Cooper clips from the spot.

Said spot:


Despite all the high dudgeon on the broadcasters’ part, the Romney team is still using the ad and Florida TV stations (even NBC’s Miami affiliate) are still airing it – mostly, as Politico reports, because they’re required to by “federal law and Federal Communications Commission regulations [which] say that stations have to either take no ads from presidential candidates or take them from all candidates. And the station has ‘no power of censorship’ over the ads.”

It’s even doubtful the ads violate fair use standards, so those spots are going nowhere but on.

But given this Romney ad – and a Gingrich campaign spot that uses footage of Mike Huckabee in spite of his objections –  GOP looks like it stands for Grand Old Pirates nowadays.

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1 Response to For Romney, NBC = New Broadcaster Complaints

  1. Hilarious.

    Romney is running a campaign with a stunning degree of mendacity, getting a complete pass by the news media, but THIS is what the media choose to get upset about? Please.

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