WSJ Tracks Super PACs

As the hardworking staff has relentlessly chronicled, Super PACs are driving the GOP presidential primary in a way no one (Paging the Supreme Court . . . paging the totally clueless Supreme Court) could have imagined.

But at least someone is monitoring it.

From techPresident:

The Wall Street Journal has launched its interactive look at Super PAC spending.

The site is a gold mine of links and dollar figures to help you sort out who’s doing what with how much.

Essential reading in the current world of unfettered campaign spending.

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1 Response to WSJ Tracks Super PACs

  1. I disagree with you on your thesis: that members of the Supreme Court’s majority in Citizen’s United couldn’t have imagined what would be happening today. I think they absolutely understood that this sort of thing would happen, and sincerely thought that unlimited money spent by third parties represents free speech in the political process.

    The question isn’t what the SCOTUS majority thought would happen; it’s what was going on in the minds of rank-and-file Republican politicians in Washington when they praised the court’s decision. Unlimited money is a two-edged sword that can slash at Republicans, too, when they wield it against each other.

    If Romney ends up the Republican nominee but a bloodied corpse by the time of the RNC convention, then will Republicans shift their position and come out against the Citizen’s United decision? I wouldn’t hold my breath.

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