Who Is Taylor Wells?

So out of the blue this pops up in the top lefthand corner of Page One of Friday’s Boston Herald:


Do we know a Wells at the Herald? It’s clearly not Jonathan Wells, former ace reporter for the feisty local tabloid. So let’s go to P.2:

Lessons abound in teacher sex scandal

What do you do when you discover your daughter’s science teacher is an accused child molester?

Add to that allegations David Ettlinger, 34, may be linked to a massive Louisiana child pornography ring. My 7-year-old was a student in Ettlinger’s class at the Underwood School in Newton — until he was arrested this week.

Every day I write about how to spin things to the positive. One might ask, “How, Taylor, do you spin this to the positive?”

Rightly so.

So . . .

Then comes this tag:

Read Taylor’s “Best Life Ever” blog on bostonherald.com

Okay, then. Now we know: Taylor Wells is a blogger who’s been housed on the Herald’s website for the past whatever months.

That’s the beauty of the Herald: It can just parachute in anyone it wants to, because by definition there’s no rhyme or reason to the tabloid “mosaic press,” whose content Marshall McLuhan said is united “only by its dateline.”

Okay, then.

But wait . . .

Campaign Outsider Bitter Recrimination (pat. pending):

There’s no link to the P. 2 Herald piece here because the bleeping Herald site has bleeping crashed my laptop bleeping five times in the past bleeping 20 minutes.

Message: Bleep the Herald.

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6 Responses to Who Is Taylor Wells?

  1. I really don’t think there’s any call for that kind of language..

  2. Curmudgeon says:


  3. Oh, come on. You only followed up on that headline because it was accompanied by a picture of a bottled blonde. If it had been an asymmetric, wart-covered 73-year-old crank you would’ve skimmed right past…

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