PAC Attack! Handy Clip ‘n’ Save Guide

You can’t spit without hitting a Super PAC in the GOP presidential primary, as this helpful chart from Time graphically illustrates (through 1/12/12).

Here’s a different way of configuring the list, with links to the groups and related news stories:


Restore Our Future (news)

Citizens for a Working America (news)



Winning Our Future (news)

Strong America Now (news)



Red, White and Blue Fund (news)

Leaders for Families (news)



Endorse Liberty (news)

Santa Rita PAC (news)

Revolution PAC (news)



Make Us Great Again (news)



Our Destiny PAC, RIP (news)


Campaign Outsider Special Bonus™:  

Pro -Obama

Priorities USA Action (news)

Priorities USA (news)


Two notes:

• The hardworking staff believes Time’s chart got it wrong about what they call “Leadership for Families”  and assign to Gingrich. We can’t find it; maybe Time mixedit up with Leadrrs for Families/

• We also can’t find “WDJ.” Any and all help much appreciated.

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4 Responses to PAC Attack! Handy Clip ‘n’ Save Guide

  1. Whites Donning Jackboots?

  2. Bob Gardner says:

    “group grand total spend to date” Did Time make a typo or are they trying to coin “spend” as a noun?

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