Online Political Digests Now Have An Ad-ed Feature

Because we’re all about you, splendid readers, the hardworking staff reads lots of online political digests, from Politico’s Playbook and Morning Score to ABC’s The Note, MSNBC’s First Read, The Daily Beast Cheat Sheet, The Daily Caller, The Weekly Standard’s Newsletter, and etc.

And what we’ve noticed lately is that many of them are starting to include ads in their daily updates – some blatant, some subtle. But definitely there.

As far as the hardreading staff can determine, Politico’s Playbook was the first to jump in the pool, embedding ads like this in its text:

(Not yet for Politico’s Morning Score, though.)

But The Weekly Standard Newsletter did follow suit:

The Daily Caller’s DC Morning goes them one better, featuring both embedded text . . .

. . . and a display ad:

So far the Daily Beast, First Read, and The Note have avoided this ad-ifying trend. But it’s just a matter of time, isn’t it?

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