Let The $4 Billion Rumpus Begin! (Palmetto Preview Edition)

Just as bigfeet Tom Brokaw and Gail Collins did (Politico Playbook: “Hotel rooms … are freeing up [in New Hampshire] as journalists, including NBC’s Tom Brokaw and New York Times columnist Gail Collins, head straight to South Carolina”), the hardworking staff has exited the Granite State early and headed for the Palmetto State.

Our madcap review of the adstravaganza already underway there:

Rick Perry Has “Values”


Farmer’s son, Air Force pilot, man of faith, married his high school sweetheart – what’s not to like?

Ron Paul Feels a Sense of “Betrayal”


The emergency backup hypocrite to Newt Gingrich is . . . Rick Santorum, corrupt lobbyist.

Okay then.

Restore Our Future Super PAC Restores Mitt Romney’s Future


We don’t need no stinking community organizer. We need a corporate disorganizer.

Winning Our Future Super PAC Destroys Mitt Romney’s Past


The Bain of Mitt Romney’s existence. At least for now.

More, inevitably, to come.

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