Dead Blogging The GOP New Hampshire Debate

(The Hardworking Staff Held iPadlocked, Day 4. No video, no links, no ITALICS. Free the Campaign Outsider One!)

Let’s get right to the major results of last night’s Republican presidential primary debate in New Hampshire:

1) If you picked “jobs” for your drinking game, you were knee-walking by 9:10.

2) The winner: Mitt Romney. The loser: George Stephanopoulos. His line of questioning on state efforts to ban contraception could’ve used some birth control.

In other matters (more or less chronologically):

* Nice ad lib by Rick Santorum when Ron Paul’s mic failed as he whacked Santorum for being corrupt: “It caught you not telling the truth, Ron.”

* Romney smiling while Paul and Santorum go at one another.

* Romney consistently declined to attack his GOP opponents, instead going after Barack Obama. Message: I don’t care about you.

* Paul won’t repeat “chicken hawk” reference to Newt Gingrich, but wins the battle anyway.

* Paul won’t address newsletters issues, changes the topic instead.

* ABC reprises its Debate Rewind cliplets, which are still total SportsCenter wannabes.

* Could Diane Sawyer be any more saccharine and self-satisfied? Two representative samples:

1) She calls for questions that “people in their living rooms are concerned about.” Seriously, Sawyer wouldn’t know average people if they occupied her kitchen.

2) She tells co-moderator Josh McElveen what question to ask about job creation. (Diane Sawyered is the new Tom Sawyered.)

* Jobs blah blah blah economy blah blah blah debt blah blah blah sound money blah blah blah – eyes glazing all across this great nation of ours.

* Mitt Romney: “I don’t want to criticize your questions, George, but the real question is, ‘What’s the vision?'”

Yo, Mitt: That’s exactly the question Diane Sawyer just asked. What debate are you at?

* Gingrich and Santorum whack Romney on economy. Romney responds by whacking – wait for it – Barack Obama.

* But Romney does go at Huntsman on China, leading the former Chinese ambassador to respond in – wait for it – Chinese.

Rule of thumb: Never speak Chinese at a GOP event. See Huntsman’s turn on the Colbert Report for details.

See more on Sunday’s Meet the Press.

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3 Responses to Dead Blogging The GOP New Hampshire Debate

  1. (1) You can’t type and for italics?

    (2) Are you calling for an Occupy Diane Sawyer’s Kitchen movement? I bet a few tents could fit in that room. And that the room would get more use than it has seen in several decades.

    (3) We had a candidate at last month’s state senate forum say something in Mandarin, too. But it was a Democratic primary, because we ain’t got no Republicans running for partisan office around these parts. The Mandarin still fell flat with the lefties, though it did cause an eight-year-old’s ears to prick up.

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