NYT Wordnixes WSJ

Sunday’s New York Times Business section featured a piece about “Wordnik, the vast online dictionary.”

The lexisite works not like a modern-day Samuel Johnson or Noah Webster, the Times piece says, but like this:

[A]utomatic programs search the Internet, combing the texts of news feeds, archived broadcasts, the blogosphere, Twitter posts and dozens of other sources for the raw material of Wordnik citations, says Erin McKean, a founder of the company.

Then, when you search for a word, Wordnik shows the information it has found, with no editorial tinkering. Instead, readers get the full linguistic Monty.

“We don’t pre-select and pre-prune,” she said.

But the Times, apparently, does.

Here’s how it describes Ms. McKean:

At one time, she was the head of the pruners, as principal editor of the New Oxford American Dictionary. She is also an author and columnist.

Yeah – a columnist for the Wall Street Journal, a detail the Times conveniently, er, pruned.

That’s small, Timesniks. Really small.

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