Let The $4 Billion Rumpus Begin! (Huntsman’s Destiny Edition)

Headline on this week’s Peggy Noonan Wall Street Journal column:

Gingrich Is Making Romney Better

Next week’s headline:

Huntsman Is Making Romney Battered

That will largely be thanks to Our Destiny, a Super PAC backing GOP presidential afterthought Jon Huntsman (R-Have You Met My Daughters?), who’s registered up to 12% in New Hampshire polls.

Our Destiny PAC bought more than $70,000 of TV airtime in New Hampshire last week, according to the New York Times, and “increased its buy significantly this week to $300,000 for a new ad that says Mr. Romney will say anything and urges voters to ‘stop the chameleon.'”

The ad:


The transcript:

They’ve risen. They’ve fallen.

‘Til two serious candidates remain.

One willing to say anything, be anything.

One who can actually do the job.

Jon Huntsman has the best economic plan.

Jobs record.

Foreign policy experience. He’ll make America strong.

One state can stop the chameleon.

Vote Jon Huntsman.

Our Destiny PAC is responsible for the content of this advertising.

And happily responsible for the consequences of this advertising.

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