We’re #1! Boston Is America’s Drunkest City

No more inferiority complex for Bostonians – The Daily Beast has issued its 2011 list of America’s Drunkest Cities, and Boston is the tightest of them all.

And just so you know this isn’t drunk – er, junk – science, here’s their methodology:

To compile the second annual list of the “drunkest” cities in the U.S., The Daily Beast first analyzed data from Experian Simmons, a leading market-research firm, which provided data on the average number of alcoholic drinks per month the residents of more than 200 cities across the country reported to have consumed in a survey from earlier this year. As well, we considered the percent of the population that are either binge drinkers or heavy drinkers for each metro area, according to the most recent data available from the Centers for Disease Control. The average number of drinks was given twice the weight of the heavy- and binge-drinking population for the final rank.

And here’s top-ranked Boston:

We must be so proud.

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8 Responses to We’re #1! Boston Is America’s Drunkest City

  1. Looking at that pic makes me wonder if we would drink more or less if our sports teams were more successful (or less). Did the Bruins Stanley Cup contribute to this? Or would we drink more had they lost in the finals?

    Certainly September’s Red Sox performance was ample cause for a stiff drink or five.

  2. For the right price I’m willing to move to any city that wants to take over the top spot.

  3. Looks as if the competition was pretty stiff. Happy New Year C.O.

  4. Look at all the information in that graphic you scanned. Notice something wrong? Something very, very, very wrong?

    With such incompetent data collection, can you believe the Daily Beast’s ranking at all?

    Based on their journalistic skills (prior to this top 25 list), would you ever believe anything they write?

  5. Al says:

    Boston is #1 in binge drinking, which shouldn’t be a surprise considering the college population. I know I did it back in the day. After we graduate the pattern fades away for most of us. It’s right up there, but behind several other cities, marginally, in % of adults who are considered heavy drinkers.

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