Brian Lamb Gets C-Spun

C-Span’s Brian Lamb is the Joe Friday of TV interviewers – straight as Gibraltar, traditional as figgy pudding. So you could understand his befuddlement during an hourlong interview with Daily Caller diva Michelle Fields on last night’s Q&A. (See it here.)

Fields was on Q&A to “[share] her experiences reporting on a variety of issues for the 24-hour news site,” according to the Program Details. Furthermore:

 She talks about an early interview with actor Matt Damon and his mother [here] which was viewed over two million times on the internet. She shares video of her unanticipated involvement while covering the “Occupy Wall Street” demonstrations in New York City where she was knocked down by a police officer [here]. Fields takes us to the corridors of Congress where she asks participants in a “Patriotic Millionaires” press conference to donate to the US Treasury [here].

In other words, she’s good at getting coverage of her coverage. Which is fine. But Lamb was clearly gobsmacked by her approach to journalism, from getting most of her news via Twitter and Facebook to statements such as “people want bias in their news.”

The cutaways of Lamb alone are worth the price of admission.

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3 Responses to Brian Lamb Gets C-Spun

  1. pahre says:

    Who’s he gonna interview next, a Gawker? The Track Ladies-of-a-Certain-Age?

    When Lamb asks them to make personal contributions, that is not surprising. Many people in the top rungs of the income ladder have said (via polling) that they would be happy with higher tax rates, yet when they have an *optional* check box on their taxes (such as with the Massachusetts income tax), they don’t voluntarily do so. Her interviewees gave a reasonable answer: it’s for society as a whole to do it together, not one person only.

    Why does she think she’s a journalist when she asks these kinds of questions and then passes judgment that they’re hypocritical?

    On a side note: how much C-SPAN do you actually watch? I thought so…

  2. Bob Gardner says:

    I watched and it didn’t seem to me that Lamb was gobsmacked at all. He’s an expert at passing out enough rope for the interviewee to hang him/herself, which is what happpened here.
    Somewhere I have an old video of Brian Lamb’s takedown of Howie Carr, which passed in about a second and a half but was more effective than all the invective aimed at Carr since.

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