A Christmas Carroll

For my money (of which there isn’t a lot), the best thing about Christmas Day is that it marks the end of Christmas music for another year.

Back in the early ’90s, WBUR asked its on-air personalities to record their favorite Christmas traditions. WBUR sports commentator Bill Littlefield (now host of NPR’s Only a Game) memorably recounted his family tradition of “smashing the radio into little plastic shards” (or words to that effect) every time he heard Little Drummer Boy.

That, not surprisingly, went over like the metric system.

My contribution got about the same reception. The Missus and I had a Christmas tradition of meaning to take a carriage ride around Central Park but never actually doing it because it was always too expensive and generally too cold.

That, not surprisingly, prompted a Jamaica Plain listener to write the station asking how we could consider spending money on something so frivolous when people were starving all over the world.

Of course, my point had been that we didn’t. But why get technical about it during the holiday season.

Anyway . . .

File under: Keeping the X in Xmas for at least two decades.

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3 Responses to A Christmas Carroll

  1. James Mulligan says:

    Count me in on that, brother. What I have done at a couple of stores, is to ask them to play instrumental versions. It seems to take the edge off for me.

  2. Laurence Glavin says:

    The car dealers are still using Xmas dreck as background for their “holiday sales”. Some may last into the first week of January. Blech.

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