It’s Good To Live In A Two-Daily Town (@Jon2012girls Edition)

Those irrepressible Huntsman gals were in town yesterday, courtesy of the Boston Herald. Not surprisingly, the feisty local tabloid ran a nice feature about the shindig:

Jon Huntsman’s gals: Mitt’s boys ‘play hard to get’ on Twitter

In the battle for GOP Internet supremacy, the Huntsman girls say the Romney boys are shying away from a social-media showdown.

Republican presidential rivals Jon Huntsman and Mitt Romney aren’t afraid to clash at debates, but it’s a different story online.

“Well, they won’t respond to us on Twitter. (Texas Gov.) Rick Perry will, but I think the Romney boys are trying to play hard to get with us,” said Liddy Huntsman, the youngest of the social media-savvy daughters, at a live-streamed forum yesterday hosted by the University of Massachusetts at Lowell and

Also not surprisingly, the Boston Globe failed to cover the event.

Hey, maybe the Globe could bring the @Hermanator2012Gals to town for a sitdown.

Just sayin’.

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