Mark Zuckerberg Thinks You’re An Idiot

Facebook founder/weasel Mark Zuckerberg is once again insulting our intelligence by trying to mask his intelligence-gathering about us.

From Friday’s New York Times:

Your Life on Facebook, in Total Recall

Remember those karaoke videos from three years ago that somehow wound up on Facebook? They were embarrassing for the few hours they spent at the top of your Facebook profile, and then they were buried under a cascade of new updates.

But on Thursday, Facebook started rolling out a revamped profile feature called Timeline that makes a user’s entire history of photos, links and other things shared on Facebook accessible with a single click. This may be the first moment that many of Facebook’s 800 million members realize just how many digital bread crumbs they have been leaving on the site — and on the Web in general.

Zuckerberg, who – let’s not forget – thinks you’re an idiot, “described it as a way to get a more comprehensive portrait of someone than by simply reading updates or looking at a profile picture: ‘We think it’s an important next step to help tell the story of your life.'”

And an important next step to help Zuckerberg market the story of your life.

As usual with Facebook, it’s pretty much out of your hands how this will work: “Eventually all profiles will be switched to the new look, though the company is not saying when. And there will be no switching back.”

But there is some back-scratching from the Times:

To Facebook’s credit, the site lets people edit their life stories and decide which items on their Timelines to hide. And once a switch is made, a user has seven days to review what will be displayed on the page before making it public.

That’s classic Facebook: Make it as hard – and time-consuming – as possible to control your information on the site.

Faceshnooks of the world – unite!

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5 Responses to Mark Zuckerberg Thinks You’re An Idiot

  1. Bill O'Donnell says:

    One way, of course, to control the material on a Facebook site is to take a pass from this overstuffed personal confessional/cum/ soul-baring marketing tool. Two years ago after I began being inundated with unsolicited incursions into my life, despite not signing up for the intrusions,
    I told family & friends in plain English that we were not going to be Facebook or Leakedin players,
    but we would welcome any direct email messages (with or without photos of junior dribbling his oatmeal) and would respond to all direct messages but not social networking communications.
    It has worked and no hard feelings.

  2. This kind of crap is exactly why I don’t use Facebook. It is completely obvious that Zuckerberg and his guys do not view privacy online even remotely in the same way as I do.

    Google Plus looks more and more appealing by the day…

  3. Foster Pullon says:

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