Ads ‘n’ Ends (SuperPAC Edition)

Once around the park, James, and don’t spare the horses (although that will get you totally busted in New York)

Item: Mitt Romney’s Friends to Buy Him Iowa for Christmas

According to MSNBC’s First Read, the pro-Romney SuperPAC Restore Our Future  “announced [yesterday] it has made a massive $3.1-million-dollar television advertising buy in Iowa, instantly dwarfing any other political ad buys this cycle, and simultaneously highlighting one of Romney’s greatest strengths: deep-pocketed supporters.”

First ad out of the box:



How many jobs did Barack Obama create as a community organizer? As a law professor? Maybe now you see the problem.  Mitt Romney turned around dozens of American companies and helped create thousands of jobs. He rescued an Olympics hit by scandal. Took over a state facing huge deficits and he turned it around without raising taxes, vetoing hundreds of bills. And Mitt has a detailed plan to turn around America’s economy.

Apparently by pouring millions of advertising dollars into presidential primary states.

Item: Barack Obama’s Friends Try to Buy Off Iowa

Priorities USA, a SuperPAC headed by two former Obamanauts, has launched this ad in Iowa that shows a mock news anchor highlighting Ronald Reagan’s support for higher taxes on millionaires:


Reaganauts to respond soon, no doubt.

Item: Karl Rove Hopes Elizabeth Warren Goes Down to the Crossroads

Via Politico’s Morning Score:

EXCLUSIVE – CROSSROADS PUTS $1.12 MILLION BEHIND 4 NEW ADS: Crossroads GPS will launch a second wave of broadcast TV issue ads today targeting Democrats in Massachusetts, Missouri, Montana, and Nebraska. The spots focus on the economy, jobs, wasteful spending, bailouts, and health care. The $1.12 million buy starts today and will run statewide for two weeks. This is the second wave of ads in these states by Crossroads GPS since November for a combined total of nearly $3 million. Watch all four of these devastating ads here first. Claire McCaskill (“14”): Jon Tester (“His Own Words”): Ben Nelson (“Stakes”): Elizabeth Warren (“Champion”):

The anti-Warren ad:


Crossroads GPS is the brainchild of former House of Bush consigliere and current GOP gunsel Karl Rove, who took a run at Warren last month with this ad:


To recap: Last month Elizabeth Warren was the doyenne of Occupy Wall Street. Now she’s the darling of . . . Wall Street?

Somebody get Karl a Ritalin prescription.

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4 Responses to Ads ‘n’ Ends (SuperPAC Edition)

  1. alan says:

    Since he has lost touch with reality, Ritalin would not be enough for Mr Rove… I believe a potent antipsychotic would be more in order

  2. Laurence Glavin says:

    If you want to cause a right-wing zealot to foam at the mouth, call Barack Obama a law PROFESSOR! They claim with certitude that he was NEVER a law PROFESSOR, just a lecturer. (But they’ll be perfectly comfortable with calling a man who was never on a tenure track and never published a scholarly opus a PROFESSOR: Newt Gingrich. Adjunct, maybe.

    • Al says:

      Books could be written focusing on the paradox of how Republicans could be zealously opposed to a Democratic situation, then never pausing an instant when they do the very same thing themselves. It all depends whose ox is being gored.

  3. Bob Gardner says:

    Romney “vetoed 800 bills” as Governor of Massachusetts. My recollection is that his vetoes were routinely over-ridden. Does anyone know off hand how many of his vetoes actually stood?

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