There Are Eight Million Stories In The Naked City . . .

This is one of them, via Monday’s New York Times Metropolitan Diary:

Dear Diary:

Setting: A yoga room at a gym on Columbus Avenue, with 25 students.

Daniella: “I know you!”

Me: “Really? I live on the Upper West Side.”

Daniella: “Oh, sorry. I live in Chelsea. You look like someone else.”

Harriet (standing nearby, overhearing conversation): “Where on the Upper West Side?”

Me: “Seventieth Street.”

Harriet: “I live on the Upper West Side on 70th Street.”

Me: “Which building?”

Harriet: “205.”

Me: “Me, too!”

Harriet: “What floor?”

Me: “Seventh.”

Harriet: “Me, too!”

Me: “How long have you lived in that building?”

Harriet: “Seven years.”

Me: “Eight years.”

Harriet: “I never saw you before in my life.”

Me: “I never saw you before in my life.”

Harriet and me: “Let’s do lunch!”

Ruth Moser Riemer

I grew up on the third floor of a five-story walkup at 89th and 3rd. In 17 years, I never knew who lived on the 4th and 5th floors.

That’s New York.

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