Brits Try To Curry Favor With Indian Chefs

Campaign Outsider Official Foodie Alert® (International Edition):

Tragically, according to a report on PRI’s The World, Great Britain is suffering a shortage of chefs who are currylicious, thanks to tighter immigration rules that “[make] it almost impossible to hire chefs from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.”

The restrictions may be popular with the swelling ranks of the unemployed in Britain.

But veteran curry restaurant owner Enam Ali told the crowd at the awards dinner the numbers don’t add up.

“There may be more than two and a half million people out of work in Britain. But I guarantee that none of them are talented curry chef,” Ali said.

Ali is not challenging the government directly, but he does have some concerns about the latest proposal to fix the curry chef shortage. The government is floating the idea of creating a curry college to train British people of all backgrounds to work in the industry.

Hey, do you think we ought to tell them that we already have a Curry College here?

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2 Responses to Brits Try To Curry Favor With Indian Chefs

  1. arafat kazi says:

    Well sir, if you ever wanna curry favor with a Bangladeshi, you know who to call.

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