Mitt Romney: GOP Hair Apparent

Friday New York Times Page One report:

Image Expert Shapes Romney (His Hair, Anyway)

BELMONT, Mass. — Voters routinely ask about it on the campaign trail. Pundits chronicle the slightest changes in its presentation. There is a Facebook page devoted to it — not to mention an entire blog. “Has it always been this good?” read a recent online entry.

The subject of the unusually intense political speculation and debate?

Mitt Romney’s hair.

Strange interlude (via Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby’s Twitter feed):

Regardless . . .

Belmont barber to the star Leon de Magistris had this exchange with the Times:

Mr. de Magistris, who gave Mr. Romney a $70 trim three weeks ago, agreed to share some of the secrets behind his most famous client’s coiffure in between haircuts the other day.

No, he said, Mr. Romney does not color his hair. Any such artificial enhancement, Mr. de Magistris said, “is not — what do you call it? — in his DNA.”

The Times did not report that he said it with a straight face.

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6 Responses to Mitt Romney: GOP Hair Apparent

  1. Paul Rickter says:

    Not that it excuses any of this, but was Jeff Jacoby paying attention to media coverage when John Edwards was running for President? You’d think the man did nothing notable aside from getting expensive haircuts.

  2. CAvard says:

    Wait a sec, should we be calling it “Willard’s hair” now?

  3. Al says:

    Only $70 for the haircut, and from one of Boston’s elite celebrity stylists. That Romney is the man for me. He can even show his conservative roots by the comparative low price he pays for his dos, compared to those liberal John Edwards and Bill Clinton got. Me, I pay $15 to a barber, and it looks as good (I think) as Myth’s does. Those gray streaks in his hair give him a seedy look, not distinguished at all.

  4. Curmudgeon says:

    The most notorious haircut, remember, was Clinton’s, sitting on Air Force One with all the planes at LAX in lockdown waiting for AF1 to move.

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