DNC/Romney Slapfight

In response to Mitt Romney’s ridiculously misleading new TV spot attacking Barack Obama, on the American economy, the Democratic National Committee has posted this video on the web:


The DNC video has generated 9,678 views as of post time, vs. $134,000 in actual TV time for Romney’s ad.

And that’s just the first problem.

The bigger one, as Tommy Christopher of Mediaite points out, is this:

The problem with the ad is that it doesn’t challenge the underlying assertion by the Romney campaign, that President Obama doesn’t want to talk about the economy, or that he hasn’t been talking about the economy, when that’s pretty much all he’s been doing for the past few months. While it’s true that the President’s polling numbers are pretty dire right now, the DNC could easily have cited polling that shows support for the proposals in the American Jobs Act, and/or Congress’ record low approval.

The strengths of those arguments is certainly open for debate, but it makes no sense to repeat the Romney campaign’s attack without at least trying to respond to it. Good on them for calling out the dishonesty, but letting the underlying premise go unanswered was a misstep.

More missteps likely to come.

So, to summarize: Barack Obama is increasingly looking like the Rafael Nadal of politics.

And that, as Jimi Hendrix might say, ain’t too cool.

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1 Response to DNC/Romney Slapfight

  1. The journalist in you should be cringing over the DNC’s lousy writing: they buried the lede, which only began to appear 0:29 into the ad. Is that the best ad-writing the DNC can muster?

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