Air(head) Romney?

People magazine is about to publish an interview with Mitt Romney (R-Dishonest? Whatever) that includes this exchange (via Politico Playbook):

PEOPLE: What’s on your iPad, if you have one?

Romney: “On the treadmill, I put it on there. Let’s see: Eagles, Beatles, Roy Orbison, Randy Travis, the Killers. And games: Scrabble, Angry Birds.”

Really? On his iPad? Doesn’t that list sound more like an iPod? And is it possible he doesn’t know the difference?

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2 Responses to Air(head) Romney?

  1. Was this a written interview, in-person or by phone? If it wasn’t written, then he could have just misunderstood. Then again, maybe he really does listen to music on his iPad. People do, you know. (

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