Let The $4 Billion Rumpus Begin! (Koch Bros. Whack Obama Edition)

From our Hitting On All Solyndra’s desk:

The Obama administration’s half-billion-dollar loan to solar company Solyndra is not only the subject of an independent federal review, it’s also the subject of a new $2.4 million ad campaign.

From MSNBC’s First Read:

Here come the TV ads hitting President Obama on Solyndra.

Americans for Prosperity — the political organization that has received financial assistance from conservative billionaires Charles and David Koch — says it’s beginning a $2.4 million TV advertising blitz with a spot highlighting the failed clean-energy company that received a loan guarantee from the Obama administration.

The ad will air in Virgina, Florida, New Mexico, and Michigan.

(Note: Koch Industries is heavily involved in the petroleum business, and thus is hardly a champion of clean-energy companies.)

Said ad:


Among the myriad charges leveled by the ad, nowhere is it mentioned that Solyndra was cleared for the federal loan program by the Bush (The Younger) administration, as ThinkProgress asserts. (And Fox News refutes.)

Not to get technical about it.

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2 Responses to Let The $4 Billion Rumpus Begin! (Koch Bros. Whack Obama Edition)

  1. Curmudgeon says:

    True, the Bush administration was in favor of the loan.
    But the Bush administration didn’t subordinate the government’s right of recovery to the principals…who just happen to be contributors to his election campaigns…nor did they approve of approx $80,000 in bonuses just before the toilet flushed.

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